Antibacterial gentleman Series



What is a “Cleaning Warrior”?


Cleaning Warrior is a safe, sanitizing and cleaning water that contains no surfactants or chemicals.






Only antibacterial nanoparticles (AUSIRO polymer) and purified water.




Features of the Antibacterial gentleman


(1) Antibacterial

You can use it by spraying it on your hands or objects.
Under normal living conditions, the effect lasts for more than 6 hours on the palm of the hand and more than a week on the object.


(2) Deodorant

It is effective for shoes, shoe locker, around toilets, garbage cans, pet smells etc.


(3) Skin care

You can apply it directly to the are of your skin that you care about.
It is effective against acne and dermatitis.
It is also recommended for those who are concerned about the roughness of their hands caused by alcohol, etc.




Main usage


Spray it on the area where you expect the effect. For example, face, palm, mask, hand rail, doorknob etc.
One push is enough.


(1) Antibacterial on palms and faces

Apply one push on the palm of your hand and then rub it on your face.
The effect lasts about 6 hours.


(2) Antibacterial and deodorization of masks

One push on the front and back ofthe mask. It makes mask antibacterial.
It also deodorizes odors.


(3) Hay fever reduction

If you have hay fever, please apply one push on a cotton swab or absorbent cotton and apply it to the inside of your nose.

(4) Antibacterial for doorknob and handrail

Keep doorknob and handrail that many people touch antibacterial.

(5) Antibacterial for gym mats

One push will clean your gym mat too.

(6) Disinfection and deodorization of space

Space sterilization by one push.
It also deodorize odors like toilet, diaper and body smell. One push covers 9㎡.



Structure of Product technology


Cell wall growth takes place on the surface where the nanopolymer is not adsorbed, but it cannot maintain internal pressure and causes autolysis due to unbalanced growth with the absorbed surface (junctional area).




Significantly higher safety


The safety of this product has been proven by various safety tests.
Examples of tests: Toxicity test, eye irritation test, carcinogenicity test.
Even if it gets in your eyes, inhaled, or swallowed, don’t worry.


1 Toxicity test (Single unit and acute toxicity) Oral, abdominal cavity, tail vein administration:Mouse;LD50>400mg/kg(No deaths at the maximum dosage)
Transdermal:Rat;LD50>400mg/kg(No deaths at the maximum dosage)
Inhalation(airway administration):Rat;LD50>40mg/kg(No deaths at the maximum dosage)
2 Skin corrosion and skin irritation Human:The spray on hand and fingers had no effect(10 examples).
Dog:Even after repeated shampooing and washing, no problems(No expression of inflammatory mediators).
Human and Mouse:24-hour patch test(11 examples of human volunteer, 3 examples of man(one example is alcohol sensitivity), 8 examples of woman(two examples are allergic constitution but there was no impact))
3 Serious damage to the eye or Eye irritation Rabbit eye irritation test:Negative(non-irritant)
4 Respiratory sensitization Rat;There is no specific respiratory hypersensitivity during single airway administration.
5 Skin sensitization Guinea pig (ATP method);Negative
6 Thermogenicity test JP General Test Method;Rabbit;Negative
7 Germ cell mutagenicity Amse test;Negative
Escherichia coli test;Negative
Salmonella test;Negative
8 Carcinogenicity test Comet assay(human lymphoblast);Negative



Persistence of antibacterial effect


Alcohol and hypochlorite water lose their effectiveness as soon as they dry after spraying.
After spraying, the disinfection effect of Antibacterial Gentleman lasts for more than 6 hours on fingers and palms, or for more than a week on objects.



Prevention of recurrence of bacteria resistance


  • Autolysis of the fungus is a “physical incentive”
  • It does not denature the bacteria and does not develop resistant bacteria.
  • There is no need for stronger chemical disinfection methods to combat resistant bacteria.



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