Steel Transport Business We will pay more attention for even small lot of steel products and be able to meet the demand of the customer.

Cargo Booking,Transportation

Providing various fleet and safe transportation services of your cargoes

The company is Shipping company to provide transportation service mainly Steel products from Japan to Korea, Taiwan, China and any other ports within Far East and Middle East countries. With collaboration of partner companies, we can charter the ships to transport various bulk cargoes to the destination as required.
We also are owing Tanker ships which is in the service to transport Crud Oil under time charter contract.
We are capable to handle from a big lot of cargo to a small lot of cargo and very concerned to keep the schedule, as the result over 80% of the ships keeping the record to arrive destinations without delay.

We want to be a frontier of this industry as real meaning of Vanguard

In the past, there are the price agreements among big transportation companies. We are working alone outside the tariff agreement in active in niche area with reasonable price. As the result, we are recognized bymany of the clients including big steel companies, trading houses and others.

We continue to try to break the industrial standard

We recently enter the transportation service for the area of Indonesia, Vet Nam and middle east countries. We have entered the business for Indonesia transportation as the first outsider of the union alliance.

We are not well known company yet, but are trying to break the industrial standard with using our know-how which accumulated for long time. We will continue to develop our service to meet to the customers’ demand and want to assist to the customers by using our experiences and spirit of Vanguard.

Developing and strengthening the trade in the area of Far East and Middle East countries

It will be a great opportunities to transport high quality of steel products from Japan to India, China and other developing countries in Far East and Middle East countries where increasing demand for them very rapidly. We are taking this opportunity as the chance and developing new trades for the destinations such as Bangladesh, India and other ports where Japanese shipping companies still not served in regularly.

We are well realized by our-selves that our mission is to assist to the customers in the area of transportation of the customer’s cargoes and for the purposes we will continue our very best effort steadily and earnestly.

We are sincerely hoping that we have a chance to serve you in sometimes.

Product Flow

  1. 1. Cargo Booking
    1. Cargo Booking

    Collecting the cargoes at port. Finding the ship and preparing the schedule at destination in accordance to the request of the customer.

  2. 2. Charter a vessel
    2. Charter a vessel

    Arrange optimum ship in accordance to the destination

  3. 3. Operaton
    3. Operaton

    Operating the ship safely and steadily in order to arrive timely manner

  4. 4. Port call
    4. Port call

    Our services will continue until complete of cargo deliver safely