Social and Environmental Activities

Vanguard Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is involved in a variety of initiatives for social welfare and environmental issues.

Approaches to the SDGs

Approaches to the SDGs

Vanguard Enterprise CO., LTD. is a supporter of international efforts to create a sustainable society.
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, are the common goal of the international community towards 2030.
Through our business activities, we will work to solve the world’s most urgent social issues as identified in the SDGs.

Participation in the Anchor Welfare Group

Participation in the Anchor Welfare Group
Vanguard Enterprise participates CO., LTD. in the “Anchor Welfare Group”.

There is a welfare office called “Continuous Employment Support B” that provides employment opportunities for those who have difficulty in regular employment at ordinary companies.
We understand that the value of the services they provide is high.
However, at the same time, we also understand the value has not yet been fully understood to the general public and individuals.
We hope that the value of the services provided by our welfare offices will be recognized by the public, and we will support them through our business.

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental Initiatives
We are developing environmentally friendly products through our life solutions business.

Our alkaline ionized water products and next-generation antibacterial products using nanoparticles do not contain any surfactants or alcohol.
We hope that the spread of these products will lead to the generalization of environmentally friendly disinfection and antibacterial technology.