High pH alkaline electrolytic water generator

What is a high pH alkaline electrolytic water generator?

Using our unique electrolysis technology, this equipment can efficiently produce alkaline electrolyzed water (alkaline ionized water) with a high pH of pH13.2 at a low cost.
The system can efficiently produce alkaline electrolyzed water (alkaline ionized water) with a high pH of pH 13.2 at low cost. It has specifications with enhanced environmental performance,
It does not use any chemical substances and does not produce any acidic water or chlorine gas as wastewater.
The functions of our high pH water are expected to be utilized in various situations at production sites.

Recommended for these establishments

☑ We use a lot of detergent and want to cut costs by making our own
☑ We purchase a large amount of disinfectant and would like to reduce costs by making our own.
☑ Want to manufacture and sell products related to alkaline electrolyzed water
☑ We have already installed a generator, but want to reduce running costs and maintenance costs.


Generates alkaline electrolytic water with pH 13.2

Generates alkaline electrolyzed water with pH 13.2, the highest level in the industry, at a low cost.
Continuously produces up to 240 liters per day (equivalent to 1200 liters at pH 12.5)
Lowest running cost in the industry

No wastewater is generated

No acid water, chlorine gas, or wastewater is generated, so there is no need for wastewater treatment costs or management

Can be used in a minimum equipment environment

Can be used with running water and 100V power supply (outlet)

Environmentally friendly

Electrolytes are environmentally friendly food additives
No environmental pollutants

Maintenance-free design

Hassle-free to maintain

Easy to use

Easy to use for everyone!
Drop the special additive → Touch panel for easy operation → All you have to do is wait!

Item Main Specifications
Model AG-80 AG-240
Power source Single phase 100V 50 / 60Hz Single phase 100V 50 / 60Hz
Power consumption 400W 850W
pH 13.2 13.2
Generation capacity Max. 80L/day Max. 240L/day
Main unit dimensions
(excluding filter unit)
W500×D500×H1450 ㎜ W500×D500×H1450 ㎜
Weight Approx. 70 kg Approx. 70 kg