Cleaning Warrior Series

What is a “Cleaning Warrior”?

Cleaning Warrior is a safe, sanitizing and cleaning water that contains no surfactants or chemicals.

Features of Cleaning Warrior

①High cleaning power and anti-corrosion effect!

It emulsifies even the strongest grease stains, causing them to rise to the surface.
As it also has a higher penetration power than normal water, it can penetrate into the details of the dirt and bring it to the surface.
And its high alkalinity prevents it from rusting.

②Greatly effective in disinfection and deodorization!

Cleaning Warrior is a highly alkaline cleaning water with a pH 12.5 or higher.
Its disinfection and deodorizing power is very high.

③Safe because no chemicals are used!

Cleaning Warrior does not use any chemicals.
Unlike conventional organochlorine cleaners, this is an environmentally friendly water that cleans and degreases.
Since the water is made by special electrolysis, its quality is stable with little change over time.

④Environmentally friendly!

Cleaning Warrior does not use any surfactants or chemicals.
It is an environmentally friendly cleaning water.

Strongly alkaline ionized water with a pH 12.5 or higher

Cleaning Warrior is a strong alkaline ionized water with a pH 12.5 or higher, which has been electrolyzed by special technology without using any surfactants or chemicals.
This makes them extremely superior to organochlorine cleaners in terms of safety and environmental friendliness.

What is “pH”?

It refers to the hydrogen ion concentration.
It is an indicator of the high level of acidity and alkalinity at pH 0 to pH 14.
Anything below 7 is acidic and anything above 7 is alkaline.
The higher this number is, the more alkaline it is and the lower it is, the more acidic it is.

Main usage


Spray → wipe off

Soak → Washing with water

How Cleaning Power Works

①Interface immersion

The Cleaning Warrior, made of fine water molecules, has high permeability and quickly penetrates the interface between the dirt and the object to make it swell.
It lifts the dirt from the surface.

②Emulsification and separation

The negative ions of the Cleaning Warrior surround the dirt and absorb the positive ions of the object.
And when the object becomes the same negative ion, the dirt and the object repel and detach and disperse.

③Exfoliation and dispersion

The Cleaning Warrior breaks up dirt and disperses it into smaller pieces, making it easier to detach the dirt from the object.


The Cleaning Warrior has the ability to break down fats and oils and turn them into soap, which has a surfactant effect like a detergent to remove dirt.



  • Before

  • After

Tire marks

  • Before

  • After

Range Hoods for professional use

  • Before

  • After

Tea-stained cup

  • Before

  • After

Kitchen stove

  • Before

  • After

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Cleaning Warrior

Contents : Alkaline ionized water pH13.2
Capacity :500mL spray (refill 2L, 4L, 10L ,20L)

Super Cleaning Warrior (Enhanced cleaning power type)

Contents : Alkaline ionized water + natural ingredients
Capacity :500mL spray (refill 2L, 4L, 10L ,20L)

Foaming Cleaning Warrior (Enhanced cleaning power, foam spray type)

Contents : Alkaline ionized water + natural ingredients + thickener
Capacity :500mL spray (refill 2L, 4L, 10L ,20L)

experimental data

Safety verification: skin irritation test results

The P.I.I. is 1.80. The evaluation category is "weak irritant.
This meets the safety criteria of the Antimicrobial Product Technology Council.

Testing organization: Yoshimi Laboratory No. 2, Drug Safety Testing Center Co.

Reference: Safety Standards of the Council for Antimicrobial Product Technology

Verification of sterilization effectiveness

For each test bacterium, a ph 12.5 (dilution)/ph 13.2 cleaning warrior was tested.

Sterilization was confirmed for all test bacteria.

Feline calicivirus... Alternative virus to norovirus
Testing organization: Microbiology Research Section, Saito Research Institute, Japan Food Research and Analysis Center

To request a safety data sheet, please contact us.