QAMOJI Hair Patch

What is the QAMOJI Hair Patch?

A new type of high-quality Japanese wig made with new technology developed by Vanguard Enterprise.

For those who suffer from alopecia areata, we introduce the “QAMOJI Hair Patch” which can be used repeatedly.

□ Cannot hide hair loss with hair
□ I am concerned about the hygiene of wigs that are left attached
I want to do something about my child's alopecia areata.

→QAMOJI Hair Patch can solve all your problems!

Artificial hair that blends naturally with your own hair! Heat resistant and can be freely arranged!
Hygienic medical tape that can be replaced daily! Hypoallergenic and easy to use on delicate skin!
High durability and daily use! Surprisingly high cost performance!
For alopecia areata, congenital oligoasthenia, and scarring alopecia (hair does not grow back from scars caused by injuries and burns).


  • 1.Can be used in parallel with treatment.

    The QAMOJI Hair Patch is a partial wig for alopecia areata that is attached using double-sided tape. It can be worn when you want to hide the affected area, such as when going out, and can be removed during treatment (when applying medication) and before going to bed. The double-sided tape is replaced after each use to ensure hygiene.

  • 2.Easy setup at home

    QAMOJI Hair Patch can be easily adjusted at home to fit the shape, size, and hairstyle of the area of alopecia areata. There is no need to go to a specialized wig store. We also recommend that you have your hair stylist set up the patch at your hair salon.

  • 3.Economical for repeated use

    QAMOJI hair patches are durable and can be used repeatedly. The recommended usage period is 30 days. Similar products have shorter wear periods, and QAMOJI hair patches offer the best value for money in terms of final daily cost.

How to use

STEP.1 Decide the area to be applied.
Apply the provided molding film to the scalp and trace the outline with an oil-based marker to copy the shape.

STEP.2 Cut the hair patch
After applying the hair patch to the molding film, cut the hair patch along the traced outline with scissors.

Then peel off the molding film and attach the special double-sided tape to the patch.

STEP.3 Attach directly to the scalp
After cutting the dedicated double-sided tape along the shape of the hair patch, apply it directly to the scalp.

The entire head is balanced and styled to complete the process.

(Colors available: from left to right: black/dark brown/brown)

■QAMOJI Hair Patch
① QAMOJI hair patch (4.0cm x 4.5cm for the attachment part, 17cm for the hair part)
② Molding film: ・・・・・1
③ Double-sided tape for exclusive use: ・・・・・30
④ Instruction manual (this manual)

Optional items (sold separately)
Dedicated double-sided adhesive tape: ・・・・・30