High-speed automatic hair transplantation technology

Newly developed high-speed automatic hair transplantation technology

The technology in question automates the hair-planting process for high-quality wigs.
Artificial hair with a thickness of approximately 0.08 mm is implanted into the base net at high speed.
Currently, the hair-planting process for high-quality wigs is performed manually by skilled craftsmen.
The automatic hair transplanter we have developed makes it possible for one machine to do the work of 50 skilled craftsmen.

  • Base net planted by new technology

  • Natural hair parting can be reproduced no matter where the hair is parted

Development Background

The demand for high-quality wigs continues to grow worldwide, driven by increasing fashion needs and other factors. At the same time, however, there is a lack of supply systems to meet the increased demand.

Currently, the production of high-quality wigs is concentrated in developing countries. This is because the hair transplantation process, the largest process in wig production, requires a large amount of manpower.

Wig factories around the world have been employing large numbers of craftsmen to meet the increasing demand for wigs.

However, recent economic development in developing countries has caused labor costs to skyrocket, making it even more difficult to attract human resources, which is a structural problem.

Against this backdrop, the delivery time for high-quality wigs tends to be long, and even in Japan, it is said to take 45 to 60 days from order to delivery.

Our technology was developed to solve such structural problems. We are committed to solving structural problems in the industry from a technological perspective.

Expected service development

①Sales of high quality wig head parts

In the case of high quality wigs, the top part of the head is particularly important in judging quality. This part is handled by skilled craftsmen at the wig factory.

This service replaces these parts with parts produced by our hair transplanters.

This service can contribute to the resolution of manpower shortage at wig factories, cost reduction, and quality improvement.

As a result, it is expected that the delivery time problem, which is currently a problem, will be solved.

  • Conventional high quality wig head parts

    Conventional high quality wig head parts

② Production of even higher quality wigs with uniform hair transplantation not only on the top of the head but also on the entire head.

Even high-quality wigs are sewn by sewing machines to keep costs down, except for the parts on the top of the head. In the future, we aim to use our technology to produce wigs that look as natural as if the entire wig had been sewn by skilled craftsmen.

③Development of hair patches for alopecia areata

We will apply our hair transplant machine to develop a hair patch, a small wig for alopecia areata. This will enable us to offer a product that will help those suffering from spot hair loss.